The Top 2019 Promotional Apparel Trends

To stay on top of what is trending we shop, we ask questions and we listen to the expertise of our partners! According to Vantage Apparel’s Director of Merchandising, Lauren Cocco, and their recent 2019 Apparel Trends report, there are 3 broad trends that are emerging: Comfort, Versatility and Function.

Photo Credit: Vantage Apparel | 2019 Trend Report

Consumers are looking for comfort in everything, including apparel. Which means focusing on cozy cottons, softness and stretch, and garments that are lightweight and breathable. This includes many performance-based fabrics that are blended with natural fibers or engineered to create a cotton-like feel.

Photo Credit: Vantage Apparel | 2019 Trend Report

The key with this trend is to focus on all-day silhouettes that can transition easily from casual to athletic to sophisticated, depending on how they are styled. For example, there are multiple ways to style a quarter-zip pullover: layered over a Henley and paired with jeans and sneakers for a casual look; over a button-down shirt for the office; and with leggings and gym shoes for an athletic look.

Photo Credit: Vantage Apparel | 2019 Trend Report

According to Vantage’s trend team, this leading trend focuses on purposeful, functional products. Think fabrics that offer some sort of protective properties like being water-repellent, providing UV protection, advanced odor control or moisture wicking. Or garments that are packable, have reflective details, or hidden or unexpected features.

In addition to the key elements of Versatility, Comfort and Function, Vantage reports that key design influences are coming from workwear, streetwear and all things throw-back!

Photo Credit: Vantage Apparel | 2019 Trend Report

Trending in workwear are rugged silhouettes made with durable fabrics, utility pockets in earth-tone shades commonly paired with flannel and denim, with pops of blues and greens.

Photo Credit: Vantage Apparel | 2019 Trend Report

Streetwear has crossed over and is inspiring office attire, workout gear and casual wear! Hoodies are trimmed with asymmetrical zippers and chunky drawcords, while the classic bomber jacket is reimagined with quilted fabric.

Photo Credit: Vantage Apparel | 2019 Trend Report

The 80s and 90s are calling again! OId school favorites including retro chest blocks, popovers and varsity sleeve stripes are being revamped with color and fabrication.

Promotional apparel continues to keep in step with retail trends and consumer demands. To learn more about how to include the latest apparel trends into your promotional merchandise strategy please contact your Boost Brand Consultant or e-mail us at .


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